Jeffrey Ford

Jeffrey Ford is an award winning producer and director based in Cincinnati, Ohio. After more than a decade working in broadcast and commercial production, Jeff turned his sights to theatrical and fiction with the creation of Magnetoscope Pictures in 2006. Under the Magnetoscope banner, he led a team that competed in the 48 Hour Film Project, receiving awards for best director and best film.

In 2008, Jeff began the journey that would become Where’s the Fair? In 2011, he produced and directed his second feature length documentary, slated for completion in late 2013. And he is currently in preproduction on his first feature length fiction film.

“When we were kids we questioned everything. And we weren’t satisfied until we were given an answer to those questions. And then we grow up, and all too often we stop asking questions and start accepting that things are as they will be. We stop believing that our lives can be great journeys of discovery. And we trade truly living for just existing.

In May of 2008 I asked what I thought was a simple question, ‘what happened to the World’s Fair?’ And when I couldn’t find an answer, I set out to discover my own truth. Where’s the Fair? is the story of that journey. Over more than four years I circled the globe in search of an answer. What I discovered was at times inspiring, uniting, even breath taking. However, along the way, I also discovered the dark truth behind the end of our nation’s search for Tomorrowland.

Where’s the Fair? is an important story, a story that challenges all who watch it to ask difficult questions about our responsibility as individuals, and as a nation in shaping our collective future.


Brad Bear

Brad Bear is an award winning producer, director, and editor. Leaving his producing post at Turner Entertainment in Atlanta,GA, Bear returned to Ohio to accept the position of Special Projects Producer and Marketing Specialist for Ohio University. In addition to Where’s The Fair?, Bear recently completed another feature documentary titled Giving Voice: The Japanese War Brides which will air on PBS stations around the nation late 2013.

In January, Bear completed work on the upcoming horror/suspense film Scorned. Written and directed by Leprechaun creator Mark Jones and starring Billy Zane, AnnaLynne McCord, and Viva Bianca, Scorned will be released domestically by Anchor Bay in 2013 and internationally by Lightning Entertainment.

Bear is currently in development of a scripted fiction series and has started post-production on an upcoming feature documentary with Jeffrey Ford.